Dismantle Technologies' OpenHealthAI - Revolutionising Health Data Analytics

Dismantle Technologies' OpenHealthAI - Revolutionising Health Data Analytics

Dismantle Technologies


Dismantle Technologies, known for its innovative approach to software solutions, embarked on a groundbreaking project, OpenHealthAI. This initiative aimed to transform how health data from various devices is interpreted and utilised, providing users with deep insights into their fitness, heart health, nutrition, sleep quality, and more.


The primary goal was to develop a robust, secure, and user-friendly health data API. This API would not only handle a vast array of health metrics but also ensure data security and privacy. While rate limiting was a standard feature for system integrity, the focus was on seamless integration and interpretation of health data from various devices.


  • API Development:
  • FastAPI was chosen for its performance and ease of use, facilitating the creation of multiple endpoints for diverse health metrics.
  • A SQLite database was used for efficient storage and retrieval of user data and health records.
  • User authentication was integrated to ensure secure and personalised access to the API.
  • Health Data Integration:
  • The API was designed to read and interpret data from various health devices, converting raw data into meaningful insights.
  • Custom algorithms and models were developed for different health metrics, ensuring accurate and useful analysis.
  • User Experience and Security:
  • Emphasis was placed on creating a seamless user experience, with easy-to-understand insights and a straightforward interface.
  • Advanced security measures, including JWT tokens and secure data handling practices, were implemented to protect user data.
  • Rate Limiting:
  • As a standard feature, rate limiting was implemented to maintain system performance and prevent abuse, ensuring fair access for all users.
  • Challenges and Solutions:
  • Data Compatibility: Ensuring compatibility with a range of health devices was challenging. Solution: Developed flexible data parsers and adaptable algorithms.
  • Security Concerns: Protecting sensitive health data was paramount. Solution: Implemented robust encryption and authentication mechanisms.