Solo Sojourn Mobile App MVP

Solo Sojourn Mobile App MVP



To develop a proof of concept for a mindfulness app that integrates technology with mental wellness practices.


  1. Exploratory Research: Identifying market trends in digital wellness and gathering potential user feedback for a mindfulness app.
  2. Prototype Development: Focusing on core features such as guided meditation modules and audio landscapes.
  3. Feedback Integration: Using initial user responses to refine and enhance the prototype.
  4. Concept Testing: Evaluating the prototype’s potential and gathering insights for further development.
  5. Landing Page and App store submission: Created the landing page and build out a CICD system to deploy the app to both the App store and Google Play store.


The proof of concept was instrumental in demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of a mindfulness app. It provided valuable insights into user preferences and functionality requirements.

Future Prospects

Based on the success of the proof of concept, Dismantle Technologies plans to further develop the app, incorporating advanced features and personalized user experiences.


Dismantle Technologies' mindfulness app prototype serves as a beacon for future developments in digital wellness. It illustrates the power of combining technology and mindfulness practices to foster mental well-being.